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Since 2008 DME has started to produce NEW equipment:

Complete aluminium shelving. Customer designed with first quality aluminium from aluminium producer which has over 25 years experience in manufacturing materials for mushroom production

Pipe watering system, intergrated in bed floor or installed under each bed floor. With this installation, watering can be done without any extra labour. This way of watering preserves casing soil structure and results have proved to be succesfull. No maintance requiered and most effective.

Emptying conveyors, custom designed

Pulling winches for up to 7 levels, self lifting winches and winches with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 beds high for filling and emptying.

Bag filling machines.

Winches for loading and unloading shelves

If our clients prefer NEW machinery or shelves we can supply these according to their demands.


Recently we have bought a very good sorting line for mechanical harvesting. On this machine a complete trailer with pallets can be loaded. The line is full automatic, pallets are depalletised and crates ( 40 x 60 x 18 cm) are automatic filled with mushrooms, which have been sorted out in 4 different grades, and after filling the crates are automatic palletised and transported out with complete pallets with 1 grade of mushrooms per pallet. whole line is mainly made out of stainless steel and is in very good condition.



Since 2006 DME has a storage in Bree, Belgium.

In this place we can store a major part of our equipment and keep it preserved for a long time.