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Watering equipment



Since mushrooms mainly exist out of water and to produce 1 kilo mushrooms 2 liter water is needed an a even watering is most important.

The Dutch watering equipment has been proven to be the best over the world.

Special nozzles on watering arms can provide a very even watering patron all over the shelves of the whole room.

All watering trees have water and pressure meters.

We have available several options:


These watering trees are very flexible and can be easy driven from 1 room to another. These watering trees need a very even floor in the rooms.


This watering tree is a lorry model which means it can run on the same rails as the picking lorries, in this way a very even watering patron can be achieved because the watering arms are always at the right distance to the shelving.


These machines are running on (picking) rails and can be programmed for several days and in this time they can work independent, these are mostly used after casing when great amount of water is added in a short period of time.


We have also available automatic watering installation which can be installed all over a farm. Special aluminium profiles are connected to the shelving and watering trees can be hooked into these profiles. The watering trees move automatic by stainless cables and computer controlled motor. Watering can be programmed by this computer and run completely automatic.