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Spawning machines


Spawning machines
Spawning machines


These machines drive over the sideboards in to the shelving.

First the compost layer is mixed by a power full spinner with long teeth which mixes the whole compost layer very thoroughly, secondly a heavy roll presses the compost back into an even layer.

This machine can be used at several stages.

1st stage: where the machine original is designed for is mixing the spawn in to the phase 2 compost. While the compost is mixed the spawn will be divided all over the compost, after 1 operation the compost is levelled and pressed into an even layer.

2nd stage is after the spawn run in the beds (phase 3) , at this stage supplement can be added, only when the spawn run has been ok and no infections have occurred . Supplement can be added very even all over the compost layer with between 0,8 and 1,2 kg/m2 by using a supplementing device and after this mixed into the compost with the spawning machine. Also without the use of supplement mixing the compost at this stage (shake up) will increase activity.

The spawning machine is lifted into the shelving by a machine lift and electrical power is connected by a special cable roll which wires on and off automatic so that 1 person can do the whole operation (however for safety always at least 2 people should be present!!!)

We have machines available for 1,34  – 1,36 – 1,40 m bed width but adapting to other dimensions can be possible