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Ruffling machines


Ruffling machines

Ruffling machines


These machines drive over the sideboards in to the shelving.

The purpose of this machine is mixing the casing soil layer and can be used at several moments.

A: With the normal growing cycle (without caccing)

1st: After the casing is put on the compost, by machine or manually, the ruffling machine can mix and level the casing soil layer.

2nd: After between 7 and 10 days , when the mycelium has grown a few cm into the casing, the mycelium can be mixed all over the casing with the ruffling machine. This speeds up the growth and gives a more even result.

B: Growing with caccing method:

1st: After casing is put on the compost, by machine or manual, the ruffling machine mix and level the casing and at the same time take a small amount of compost up into the casing layer, this method is caccing ( CAC = Compost Added to Casing). This caccing material will inoculate the casing also with mycelium and can speed up the growing cycle with 1 week.

2nd: After 4 to 6 days (depending on amount mycelium) the casing soil layer can be ruffled to mix the mycelium all over the casing layer for a more even result.

The ruffling machine is lifted into the shelving by a machine lift and electrical power is connected by a special cable roll which wires on and off automatic so that 1 person can do the whole operation (however for safety always at least 2 people should be present!!!)

We have machines available for 1,34  – 1,36 – 1,40 m bed width but adapting to other dimensions can be possible.