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Picking equipment

 Picking equipment


To increase the productivity of the pickers several tools can be used


Mushroom pickers pick, cut and sort the mushroom into several qualities, therefore more packages are needed. Picking racks are racks with more layers and can be hanged on the shelving, lorries or picking trolleys.

Different models are available in galvanised, stainless steal or aluminium.


For picking the bottom bed special chairs on wheels are available which makes it for the pickers more comfortable to pick this bottom bed.


When mushrooms are picked in the same time pickers can check the weight and make all the packages already at the right weight, we have special weighing scale available which fit on the picking racks.

In this way only quality control afterwards is needed and the productivity from each picker can be checked only by counting the number of packages.


Also we have available complete picking registration systems; this system is with a special computer program for time registration and weighing. All figures are registries and give a lot of information such as productivity of each picker, production per room, day, and quality.