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Machine lifts


This device is use for lifting shelve machinery, such as spawning, supplementing, ruffling, cutting or stump removing machines, into the shelving.

All machine lifts can be installed with a special cable roll, which supplies electrical power to the machine in the shelve but also automatic rolls on and off so that the whole operation can be done with only 1 person (how ever for safety at least 2 persons should be present at each operation!!)

We have several options available:


This machine needs special end posts at the shelving to be able to lift up and down. A steal cable is connected on top of these posts and the machine can wire itself up and down. The lift stays in the right position because it is attached also IN the end posts so that it can only move straight up and down.

On top of the machine lift all shelving machinery can be lifted up to the right position.

These kinds of lifts can also be combined with a pulling / emptying winch, so that this device can be used for more purposes.


This machine is working in depended from the shelving and can lift up automatic. Telescopic posts lift the machine up to 6 beds high.