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Emptying conveyors

 Emptying conveyors

Emptying conveyors

Emptying conveyors

Emptying conveyors


These conveyors are used for loading spent compost after the growing cycle into trucks.

The conveyor is used together with an emptying winch which pulls the growing nets with the spent compost out of the shelves.

The conveyor can be lifted up to 4,5 m high to be able to load 4 m high trucks.

Lifting up can be done manual by a (hand) winch or a hydraulic (hand) pump or automatic.

Length, width and maximum height is depending on type and branch.We have available several conveyor belts.


These machines are used for the same operation but the conveyor is not rubber belt but a chain on both sides with supports which move the spent compost up.


Combination from emptying conveyor and emptying winch in 1 machine easier and faster to work with.

We always have several options available.

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