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Since 2007 DUTCH MUSHROOM ENGINEERING has started its activities
Main purpose for this company is engineering, design and manufacturing of NEW equipment.


We have designed NEW aluminium shelving up to demands of our customers We can produce this shelving in all dimensions and specifications, for 1 layer in 1,2 m up to 8 levels 1,60 m. Advantage of aluminium shelving are:

  • Price comparable with galvanised steel
  • No corrosive
  • Transportation costs much lower as galvanised shelving
  • High rest value.


For watering we have improved and professionalised a pipe watering system. This system can be installed under each layer and with aluminium shelving we can integrate this IN the shelve floor. Advantage of this system is:

  • Lower investment as automatic watering installation with lorries
  • Fast return of investment.
  • No labour required.
  • No moving parts and motors so no maintenance costs
  • Watering time per m2 is longer, so casing has more time to absorb water
  • No damage or dirt on mushrooms
  • Casing layer stay more open because of low pressure.
  • Watering can be done on any time, picking lorries don't have to be removed.
  • All material used are non corrosive.

Installation can be automised completely. The projects realised until now, have all lead to satisfied customers If you are interested we will be pleased to make proposal for your needs


DME produces NEW machinery according demands of clients We can supply you with:

Emptying conveyorsPulling/emptying winches
ConveyorsPulling/emptying winches


  • Emptying machines
  • Conveyors
  • Picking lorries
  • Winches for loading and unloading shelves
  • Watering trees
  • Bunker filler

If you have any interest, please contact us and we will be pleased to make an offer.