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Steam boilers


We have at store several steamboilers for (steam) humidification and cooking out.

For humidification, low pressure steam( 0,5 bar over pressure) is very suitable, the moisture of the room can be increased by using low pressure steam, in this way humidity can be adjusted without influencing the air temperature in the room.

Cooking out: After each growing cycle it is advisable to cook out at  70 degree during 12 hours.

This will insure the hygiene on your farm and prevent spreading diseases all over your farm.

We have steam boilers in a range of 100 kW to 1.000 kW on natural gas or (diesel) fuel.

Also water softeners we have available.The boilers are working on their own, which means they work on pressure and switch on and off automatic.

Interested?  Contact us and together with you we can select the best