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Dutch climate units are well known over the world because of outstanding quality and long life operation.

Our climate units are made of aluminium which is not vulnerable for extreme conditions in or outside.

The units are computer controlled with cooling and heating coils, steam humidification, fresh and recirculation air valves, filter section and Novenco fan.

The fans can be frequency controlled or different steps.

Special computer control takes care for the whole growing process and controls air and compost temperatures, humidity and CO2.

Cooling, heating, air valves and steam humidification is used to control the climate in the room independent of outside conditions.

The climate units can be adapted to more extreme outside conditions by changing cooling and / or heating coils.

We have available climate units for growing rooms from 150 to 1.000 m2 growing surface.

Cooling machinery, heating and steamboilers can be delivered according to your demands and climate conditions.

Together with our clients we select the best suitable climate units.

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