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DME was established in 2000 as a result of a joint venture between Johan Withagen and Mushroom Consultant Jan Huys.



With a combined involvement of several decades in the mushroom growing and managing industry, this truly excellent combination of personal skills and extensive hands on knowledge and practical experience expertise provides our clients not only with practical experience in how to grow and manage mushrooms, but the technical knowledge of the machinery, buildings sales and after service required of a truly professional management consultant team.

In 2004 Jan Huys and in 2012 Johan Withagen have retired and Henk Schreurs has taken over all shares.





Dutch Mushroom Equipment is responsible for purchase, reconditioning and selling second-hand machinery and equipment for mushroom cultivation. DME can supply a wide range of excellent second hand material to any client, anywhere worldwide. From quote to delivery, all aspects of your order is handled on an individual basis.Our expertise as consultants is well known in the industry and we are able to offer advice and a wealth of hands on experience to all our clients. Whether your need is advice on a feasibility study or a business plan, or aid in the engineering and start-up or management advice and revision to productivity / efficiency, we are the true experts.With sensible rates and a professional after sales service, we offer a unique outlook on this industry, available on your request. 

On the following pages you’ll find all the equipment we currently have in stock. If you don’t find what you need, we can source it from our extensive data base of clients and suppliers.


  DME Team


DME team:


Henk Schreurs:  SALES, PURCHASES and ADVICE (over 25 years of experience in mushroom and compost production in leading companies in Holland, Belgium and Germany)


Angelique Hoeijmakers-Bakker: MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (Also experienced in chemical analyses of compost and mushroomgrowing)




Frank de Leeuw: STORAGE ( experienced as mushroomgrower)


Total team is completed with 10 dedicated employees.




With this team we can supply you with know how about almost all aspects of mushroom and compost production.